Final Cut - Just Cut, The Sanding is a Bonus
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Special:  Purchase FCB1280 Final Cut Saw Blade 12”x 80T x 1” bore, 0.080” plate, 0.110” kerf carbide tipped and receive FREE FCD1202 11 1/4" Discs Two Pack and FCD20000001 Universal Centering Tool for a $22.99 value.

the innovative final cut disc applied to a standard blade cuts and sands
at the same time,

the latest in saw blade technology

Fully patented and proven successful in cutting and sanding your work piece all at one time.  Use with table saw, power miter boxes, and radial arm saw for the perfect joint or finished edge.  No edge sanding is required after passing your work piece through the table saw and when making miters the joints virtually disappear.  Make minor length adjustments by simply sliding the work piece towards the rotating blade (just like a disc... read more »

ideal for wood workers, contractors, carpenters & cabinet makers, and home hobbyists
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